Ifé’s Paz

I notice you
Your walk
Spine straight shoulders back chin up
Dome on shine
I notice you
I notice the power in your breath
The prayer in your step
I notice you
I notice Your shoulders sway
Brushing off remnants of broken chains destroyed cycles
You uprooted from bloody soil the destiny of your stars
Liberation planted firmly In your palms
I notice you
Your laughter
Deep from the Volcano at the bottom of your sea
Our seas
Where our ancestors in courage received their peace
To which our ancestors would send their pleas
In which our Ancestors swam in glee
At the shore of which now we greet
With offerings
To the names of those Remembered honoured
In love and grief
We have been
Whose reflections we see when the Sun dances on waves
Whose voices we hear on the moon’s tides
As the Earth rotates and we populate
Lands stolen
These are our Homes
We uphold our traditions
Birth fresh vibrations
Freedom spells
I notice you
I notice your power
Its presence amazing
Its presence engaging with the powers of others
Building cities
Revolutionizing society
The dust from the bones within the bodies of the souls who watch your ascension
Is galactic blessings arriving in the smoke of your
Your Power
Your design
Your inspiration
Your making
Which you have set free
Which you have found the courage to uncage
Which you
Have obtained scars
I notice
While protecting
Your original NAMES
While seeking, gate keeping and fending off
I notice your flashing
By Your Wisdom
I notice your Ceiba
You who does not bend
Never breaks
I notice the Truths you allow us to receive
I notice your victories
I share in your landmarks
Your murder of land sharks
Your Praising of tree barks
Your Earth and Your Heaven
Your Fire and Salt
Your Skin
Your Aquatic Depths
Your Feet wet
Emerging from Womb
I notice Your float
In the practice and ritual
Of divination
Sitting with the silence of Universes
I notice your Strength
Water like
Water like
Your medicine
Your delivery
Your Gifts
I notice
Your Skies
Filled with kites
Manifested prayers flying to the direction of your
I notice the keys you have engraved
Marking them for the Ones who follow
The Ones on their way
I notice the doors you have opened
And closed
I notice
Your Power
Thank you for Being
I offer reverence at your thrones.


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. The above piece was inspired by and performed at Ife Franklin’s gathering on Juneteenth 2021 in honor of her film debut. Please enjoy her film The Slave Narrative of Willie Mae.