Dedicated 2

With great Honor, as a vessel, I wrote HUNTRESS for Can’t Wait Productions’ 2016 International Women’s Day Art and Networking Event. It is dedicated to every woman since the beginning to the Infinite, including Us in the Now and for those who Walk beside Us.

Dedicated 1

For Abuela, Nini and Mami.


I’m a Huntress
Strong, prepared, aware
Intelligent, ambitious

Native to acquiring and providing
Without question

Of who I should turn to

I was born with instinct
Provider and nurturer
It’s in the blood line

Living in a world of Hunters clearing danger, empowering generations
Carrying messages to young ears
Giving hope to blinding eyes
Stating clearly their hunting was not disguised
The love they showed us gave us the skies

We live because they survived their lives

Still to this day under attack by fears and lies
All for having child-bearing thighs and menstrual cycles

To the moon we are tied
We cannot be denied

All wrongs spoken as though right is done by liars
Untangling wicked knots and suturing wires is my desire

Illogical attempts at holding down a sex due to past regrets viewed as laws and words of God
Don’t you forget
Balance requires the Goddess

Born into this world to make a difference
Walking on paths cleared
No fear of distance

I step out into this plane
Servant not my name
I dare another approach with the guess that their stereotype is correct

Womanhood does not equal submission

I step out into this plane
Serving is the game
Empowering all dames
I embrace my earth family who set fires and stoke flames

Sending smoke signals so any in need can see and read:
There is power inside of you as there is power inside of me

There’s not a problem that we can’t fix
Because between our legs rests no …

We can too
We do too
Watch our arrows land and possibly even save you

Did you know?
Gender has nothing to do with qualification

As a Huntress I blade and bow keys
Find doors before me, walk through and write my own story

Never hoping it were as XY
Happy as XX
Because I know my capabilities have nothing to do with sex
Because I know my uniqueness has everything to do with my sex

I know each viewed-as-illogical attempt becomes success because a Huntress does not rest and it’s not due to distress

She is a mind stretched
Involved in concept and goals set

Love and Happiness

Brothers, you too benefit from your Sisters’ conquered quests


Inside every mind is a seed
Women walk formed in harmony and peace
We birth stars onto the path of humanity
Through nurturing
Through listening
Through blessed loving

Dare you love us back like that?
Dare you stand with us like that?

With the fact
Women are stronger than any beam
We’re the waves lullabied by the breeze
Earth’s roots stemming from our seas

Respect the voices of tomorrow and echoes of yesterday
Rise to a new world by creating it today

Our birthright is total equality

We’ll grab the reigns and make our way for that is the power that thrives in our veins and our brains

You plant the seeds, we cultivate grains

Together we truly can capture elusive prey
Then bury patriarchy and its evil ways Underneath the foundation for a better day

We stand before you
Each a Huntress
There’s no secret
There is no guess

A woman empowered is never anything less than her personal best.


Dedicated 3

Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.