It’s lonely at the top

When envy makes allies drop
They go from being by your side to watching you with green eyes
and knives

When all you want to do is eat
Have a dinner table full for your company
The guestlist shrinks
All who remain are family

Which never does that ever really bother me

In the struggle for attainment of your joy’s dream
It’s humbling when dreams speak and images are forewarning
In the middle of four corners, four corners protecting the flesh and blood carrying the soul

Whose mystery of which they only know
You’re spoken to
So listen to

I scatter heaven’s water in every room

Live accordingly and have been blue because life’s struggles have included you
Not to get specific cuz we’re all terrific
But on this road to awaiting triumph, I have battled a number of the jungle’s lions
And lionesses

I was attempted to be captured through cold caresses and made to feel insecure because of another’s tresses
I love to battle on the field in gorgeous dresses

My knack for no cares causes stresses
I live loving my humble blessings


I live the strength of my legacy
Everything I do is because it’s been done for me

It’s lonely at the top
When your bubble’s been popped but you still don’t stop cuz the hot air of another motivates your cover and new identity

The now you know less about me steez

You look around and find no one trustworthy
Just the same old faces and their disgraces
Their offenses and smiles begging for new chances
Cuz you keep

Reaching for your dream

And it’s not about money.

It’s to be satisfying your living

To be about what makes you happy

Be about positive surroundings

Be about the giving
The growing

Adjusting but never changing
Your core existence always honoring

Bridges set themselves on fire to escape your relentless desire

Rather than create a match to meet
Envy should discover security

Lonely at the top when your loved one can’t trust your late nights
Causes for later fights

The top, a lovesick sacrifice

Loved ones choose to give up on the love that once was
You chose your dream over their cause
Had to choose between your happiness and theirs
Left a love hurt although you truly cared

Lovesick sacrifices a cost paid
That love in your story just another page

To love this homage I pay

Lonely at the top

When your heads been played and company overstays cuz they’re not done sucking you dry
You keep learning with each why
“Did I allow that to be?”

Turns into
“Thank you God for the lesson I am learning”

You take the lesson and exit free from the sensitivity that allowed your victimizing
And if you were the one that made a soul ache
Learn from that poisonous mistake

If it comes again to your face, think about that yesterday and elevate

Otherwise, if you want to be evil and corrupt

Don’t be upset with another when you fall into a rut

It’s lonely at the top cuz that means you’ve done it all and lived through it
Yet find no one to call and celebrate

Your passing through iron nail studded gates
Being at the top takes a swim through hate
Lifesavers with extended arms your hand take
And beside you stand

Secure in their dreams and own stand

United individuals marching on towards their grand
Living life honest and pure

Supportive of your wish as are you of their bliss
Can you figure this?

Lonely at the top waving to the past
When you’re reaching for the top and the struggle lasts
Allies see them drop cuz they can’t seem to bother with themselves and continue to scheme

A family is realer than any team
A family has foundation and a shared dream
A brother and a sister receive what they give
The love they also live

Lonely at the top

As you try to have it made
Watch your dream materialize

Dry faces after exhausted cries
Over hurdles continue to fly
To negative continue to give its opposite

Because it’s heaven sent

The visions that keep you free of regret
Keep intact your morals and self-respect

As you grow closer to what makes you sweat
You grow stronger
This don’t you forget

Lonely at the top but at least you got what it is you want
A goal attained is what you flaunt
Destiny will also bring if you’re listening and following

What is meant to be yours

You’re never really lonely when you’re opening doors
Never really lonely when you enrich what you store
What shines through
Gifts inside of only you



Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect