We’re those kids
No one believes in
Too smart for the streets
Too street for the schools
Too free for the politics
Too logical for the wild
No one told us to believe in ourselves
We wobble proud
Straight spine head high
To ourselves we won’t lie
Or believe those lies
Everyone cuts us down
The oxygen we produce confuses them
Pollution is all they want and know
We like to clear the air
Legacy of clarity
The truth we dare to speak
We’re those hearts men and women fear
Too giving too loving too attuned
Not your blood
But care more than beyond enough
Love tough
Built for rough
Stitch the cuts
We believe in others
And believe in us
Against all odds
Place your bets on us
God leading vortex
Born with the knowledge of how powerful it is
An open gate

We’re nerds in the underground
Secret keepers in society
Not all knowing
But def wide range speaking
We have our own language
Hidden ears learned
Our own teachers
We now exemplify
In a new time They never reached
Our seasons at a different time peaks
Growth from the first seed
We continue harvesting
And are cautious with the sow for we know the dangers of misguided reap

We’re courageous in our fears
Stare down demons far or near
Inexplicable beings chilling on heaven’s stairs
Goddess fingers through our hair

We seem flirtatious and we apologize
We speak from passion and believe our eyes

You’re Beautiful

We try not to confuse unblinking eyes
While honoring the ancestors who have designed
The body of this life

We honor our innocence and yours
Live according to Soul
We of nurturing and caring hearts
Protective of those parts
As we were made to learn

We view the world with xray vision
See down to the first atom
Negative positive
For the good fight we stay down
After each fight
We don’t stay down
Fight for our opponents’ victories in their loss
When we win they learn in turn they turn inward
We hope
When we struggle we grasp and see in our hands our own victories’ maps

We stay seeking
Channeled speaking

We’re not lost or wanderers
We’re conjurers
Architects of Humanity’s Peace

You see.
We’re too weird for average speech
Surface is an illusion and others just can’t see
Beyond what they see
And we were born with sight and communicative means
That seem scary

So they avoid us slander us betray us use us attack us in every mode the devil created

Still we don’t hate them
Because the odd ones are the sane ones
The feared ones are the Love Ones

And in this life we pass through
We’ve learned to Always have Us.

God’s Grace Protects Us
Love encourages Us
Breath inspires Us
Loss emboldens Us

Criticism will never destroy Us.

We Accept Us.



Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.