ERATO returns this Saturday, September 16 with Her 3rd Annual Cosmic White Affair with our very special Guest DJ, Steven “Rthymz” Garcia!

Rthymz is one of ERATO’S Day 1, supporting the night and its people by werking out the dance floor sharing his love or by setting up and breaking down. His Love is DEEP!

His talent as well. Rthymz is not only a club dancer and performer, he is also a dance instructor and competition judge too.

“My House Dance Workshops are about not only teaching the basics of House dance, but also about the history of the dance and the music which is important to learn where this music and dance comes from so that we can keep pushing it forward. I started really getting serious about dancing in 2001, Senior year in high school. I was a Breakdancer until 2005 and then from 2005 until now I’ve been housedancing so I’ve been dancing for 17 years in total.”

17 years of You have to see him to understand. Grace, strength, skill, passion. A few.

I asked Rthymz if, as a dancer, there is a particular style he enjoys moving to the most.

“As a dancer, I love classic 90s House Music. To me, that sound just gets me moving. The hard hitting bass, drums, snares and vocals, there’s just something about 90s House Music that gets me going. It’s like I’m transported back in time to Club Shelter and I can picture myself dancing at Club Shelter back in the early 90s even though I was too young then lol.”

As Rthymz is making his deck debut at ERATO, I asked him if he knew what the first track was which he absolutely fell in love with and dancing to House music.

“One of the first tracks I fell in love with was Kerri Chandler’s The Downloads (BW vocal mix). I was absolutely with Kerri Chandler’s sound, the hard hitting bass and 90s sound. I’m really in love with the 90s house music sound. It really gets me going as a dancer.”

Now that ERATO greets Rthymz as Her DJ, I asked him what the first song he ever bought was.

“One of the first tracks I bought was Peven Everett’s Stuck. I discovered Traxsource around 2006 and I was buying House Music ever since. My wish list is over 2,000 tracks lol so yeah I guess you can say I was addicted to the music.”

As a DJ what songs move you?

“As a DJ, the songs that move me are classic 90s House tracks and also soulful House tracks because a lot of them have a deep meaning about love, relationships, friends and life and if you really listen to the message in the songs you really feel sentimental. Example “Change For Me” by Erro. That song is so beautiful I always said if I ever got married that was going to be my bride and groom dance with my wife.”
ERATO Resident DJ Dende of T.C.C. will be closing the night and Rthymz sets the tone. I asked Rthymz what he hopes to share with everyone at ERATO during his set.

“I’m hoping to share some classic 90s House tracks that people haven’t heard in a veryyyyyyy long time. My sound is heavily influenced by Kerri Chandler and also to educate the younger dancers’ ears with these classic tracks.”

Rthymz is definitely an ERATO resident dancer. I asked Steven what he enjoys about ERATO.

“What I love about ERATO, one word the “energy.” So many beautiful dancers, people, DJs all in one room for this music that we love. You really feel the energy in your body and it’s a wonderful feeling.”

Lastlys, why are you a Househead and what are any final thoughts?

“I’m a Househead because this music moves me and it has changed my life and I hope that I’m doing something for House Music by keeping it alive through the dance and workshops because it’s brought me so much. House Music has been my longest loving relationship. It’s always been there for me and has never let me down and that’s why I’m in “love” with House Music. It’s a marriage that will last until I’m no longer on this universe.”

“I love House Music sooooo muchhhhhh and I truly believe that this music could change the world because if we can dance together, “We CAN LIVE TOGETHER”

ERATO :: 3RD ANNUAL COSMIC WHITE AFFAIR beams Her light this Saturday with Rthymz and Resident Dende! Join us at Club Bohemia (lower level of The Cantav Lounge), 738 Massachusetts Avenue, Central Square Cambridge ~ $10 21+ All White Attire Will Greet You ~ No Dress Code ~ Ascension: 9:00 p.m.

THIS is where we remind Life That We Are Living. See you there!!


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.