Do you like to blast off? Know the beauty of elevation? Yes and No, this Saturday, September 17th ERATO returns with her Second Annual Cosmic White Affair prepared for your liftoff featuring ERATO residents The Couples Couple Dende and Mystina ( TheCouplesCouple) and very special guest, Dancer/DJ/Producer Savuth!

ERATO’s Cosmic White Affair is dedicated to the stars within us All. The constellations your minds manifest, your silhouettes design, and your movements birth. Pure.

Will you dance with us this night? Exude your electromagnetic wave? The Cosmic White Affair is our invitation to You and Yours to join us Sky High!

DJ Savuth has been a dancer since his early teens having showcased his natural talent for over 20 years in battles, competitions, behind judge’s tables and straight up on the dancefloor! He has been DJing for over a decade as well bringing his passion for dance to others through fire-hot party sets and mixes. A true ‘Head as it’s said! ERATO’s Cosmic White Affair welcomes Sammy excitedly!

Having held residencies at Release and now with Househead Pete and Mizont at L.U.V. (Let Us Vibe), is your DJ aim as a resident different than as a guest?

No, not really. Either way as a Resident, at my own party or a guest at another party, I aim to make people dance and have a great experience.

ERATO celebrates individual muses and goals in movement. What have been your inspirations throughout the years?

The people. It’s all about who you are surrounded by. We are all here to inspire one another. There are reasons why people meet, whether it be small or big, the universe makes us cross paths. That’s the one great thing about House music, it brings great people together, and friendships are formed and last for many years. What truly inspires me is that when I am spinning or people have listened to my mixes, they always tell me that it always make them smile and makes their day. I get a lot of love and appreciation from it and that’s what makes me want to keep doing this forever. Music and dance will always make people happy, no matter what, and it’s important for me as a DJ, to give them great joy and happiness from what I play. Even as a dancer, I treat it the same way, I dance because it brings joy, love, and happiness, for me, and I want to inspire others to do the same and feel the same. So, my inspirations…MUSIC, DANCE, & PEOPLE!

Will we touch the sky?

MOST DEFINITELY…YES!! I am going to take everyone on a great musical journey <3!!

Love as a religion serves Music as its sermon and Dancing becomes testimonial. This isn’t ritual, prophecy, church, ceremony or a wedding. It’s US living our lives as they’re Golden and illuminating the Black Gold of the Sun to La Luna y Las Estrellas. On purpose.

IT’S A PARTY Children of the Night. We will see you There!

ERATO’s Second Annual Cosmic White Affair, Saturday, September 17 at Club Bohemia, 738 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge ~ 9 p.m. doors, 21+ and a $10 Cover. WHITE ATTIRE ENCOURAGED, Black Lights and Glow in the Dark Markers provided for those tags of Love and Owning Your Moment! IT’S YOURS! IT’S OURS!

WITH LOVE Received & Returned, Us