To those who woke up today and Sighed:
Who told you the purpose of existence was to satisfy opinions?
That your destiny is an illusion.
That reality is seclusion.
That in order to be happy, you must fulfill the definition another has imposed.
That you are to wear a robe
and Judge.
Who told you to carve a mask?
To be ashamed.
Challenge your existence
If you truly feel that way
Free yourself of self-condemnation
Be Proud
Or Change.
Own your creations without requiring acceptance’s gain.
Should your state of being be misleading, stop the game.
You deserve as much as every life on this rock: a Shot.
Who told you that speaking of others, as though you were their father or mother, as though even a parent can tame
          nature, is right?
Poisoning minds, disregarding the true use of your tongue and voice.
There is nothing to control, no map to use for guidance.
Each is their own.
Follow Your Way Home.
Who’s feeding you these lies?
Who told you that your breaths depend on the oxygen another provides
That even if another wants you to die, you hold on to a false life line.
That obligation is the way of the heart
That self-destruction is the only medicine.
Who stole your inner heavens?
Whose heavens are you stealing.
When you trade, in what are the dealings.
What are your offerings and expectation wishes
Do you scoff or pray over your dishes.
You get what you give
Who told you to accept
Change the song
Or the Dance.
That ignoring the glory of you as a zygote and all you’ve achieved since that drop
Is the truest way to be.
Because your glory others can not see.YEYE
How dare you blind yourself to your reflection.
“But I don’t like what I see.”
What you see is who you are and who you are is incomplete.
You are Ever Changing.
Channel Bravery.
You know like when you had to roll down those tubes
Kinda confused
Like, where will this lead me to?
The purpose of existence if I may guess is Creation
Exclusive of opinion.
Have None.
Only view and act through the mind of Love.
Ase Ire.
To all those who’ve lost their mind
Who think there is no time
Who waste their lives.
Excuse me, that’s a judgmental opinion.
I can only come from my own experience.
The liberation of intent
Intactness of goals set
Ambitions beyond flesh
I’m talking about reaching Destiny.
Have you ever felt the charging of your wiring?
Your electricity powering your all
The magnitude of resolve.
Wow, I’m still here after all.
No one told me I had to as the world taught
Or Not.
I choose Love.
To all those who need:
You are beyond the word Blessed
You are beyond the idea of First Day
Cold turkey
2 more miles
Health ingestion
Masked depression.
You are an endless spectrum
I urge you to become.
Chin Up
The color of your blood.
The truth of your eyelashes
Examine your fingerprint
We are mysteries
No one can define your intricacies
Which makes you the most beautiful experiment you’ll ever dream
Live accordingly.
Every rise is clean.
Ase Ire.


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect