ERATO returns this Saturday, April 15th Back At It Again with the Dope Sh8!!!

Residents Dende and Mystina tag the decks all night to a People who find an open door and a ready dance floor to greet their Freedom. YOU ARE FREE.

Dende is not only one of ERATO’s Selectors, he resides as its photo-eye too! Check out ERATO’s past events!!

In the words of Alex (Dende) and Madeline (Mystina), this is what ERATO means from the DJ’s Heart!







Nearing 3 years of being Residents for ERATO, do you have any favorite memories including guests?

Mystina: Nearing 3 years I’ve got a few memories I could never let go of. One would be when my favorite Jersey DJ’s came to Erato to slay us all night! DJs Jihad Muhammad and DJ Beloved. God they slay me. Another would have to be KC’s bday bash. That night had some magic in the atmosphere. And most recently I would have to say last month in March when I closed out the night. I had gone 2 full months without DJing or practicing so I was nervous to get on and close the night thinking I would have a musical block or that my mixing would be rusty. That night got so packed and the energy was a give and give. I felt amazing and the crowd’s response by the time the lights came on screaming for “one more song” was crazy. As soon as I played one more song and the lights turned back off the crowd unanimously all at the same time just began dancing until the very end! I was in tears. That will be a night I will never ever forget. Truly humbling.

Dende: Being part of Erato has been an amazing experience. Especially with the partners that I have truly been blessed with. Entering another year, our past ERATO parties definitely had a lot of memorable nights. Besides being in awe of all the dancers that have blessed our dance floor, a few nights stick out the most. One being the night DJ Jihad Muhammad came down to DJ for ERATO’s year anniversary. It was definitely the perfect way to start off our next year running (our 1st year anniversary). It was definitely a magical night where his set was fire along with everyone’s energy that night! Much love and respect to Jihad Muhammad. The second night was when DJ Beloved came down to destroy ERATO with his high energy and love for the music. Oh lord Jesus was this night insane! The energy in that room was beyond anything I have encountered in a room full of amazing people. Much love and respect to DJ Beloved. The final night that stuck out was my partners DJ Mystina and Manolo’s Daughter (Liza Zayas) and I Scorpio birthday bash. This night was special because this night was when we all got to bond on another level love and truly appreciated each other more. I truly cherish that night and will never forget it. The highest degree of upmost respect to my ERATO partners/family!

What tracks are your favorite to play or listen to at ERATO?

Dende: Being a resident at ERATO definitely feels like a blessing. To have a party that even the non dancers, DANCE! It’s definitely the music along with the energy in the room that makes this magic happen. There’s certain songs I myself love to drop because of the energy it brings out of people. One of them being “Union Dance” by Dj Clock and “A New Day” by Louie Vega. But the track that gives me so much energy where you can catch me singing and dancing behind the booth is the track “Cerca De Mi ( )” by Louie Vega. Truly a classic!

Mystina: Asking me what my favorite track I like to play at ERATO is like asking me what I want to eat. LOL. I HAVE SOOOO MANY! To sum it down, I love to play hard. I’m not here to baby you and your feelings by being soulful all night. I’m here to make you let go of all the anxiety, stress and anger you’ve had all week or all month. I’m here to play hard and be in your face and say SHUT THE FUCK UP, LET GO, AND DANCE! FEEL IT! And I WILL make you feel it. I’m here to drop those hard Afro-tech vocal tracks that make you feel it. You have no choice but to move and sweat that pain or love out.

How has this experience been for you?

Mystina: This experience has been truly amazing. I’ve gained a sister in it all. Liza you are a true gem. My sister Queen. We’ve grown so much and been through the most difficult and the most beautiful of times. Aside from that it’s also been an awakening experience for myself. I’ve seen myself grow as a DJ and that is something I am always thankful for. GROWTH.

What do you hope to continue to bring to Boston’s House Scene or to initiate?

Dende: ERATO has many goals besides world domination. Lol jk. We want to help the scene grow and continue to spread the love and passion that we have for the Boston House scene. Educate those that house dancing isn’t just for battling. There’s so much more to it on an identity level of who you are as a person as you go on this musical journey to discover that love, music and freedom are all we need to fully express ourselves on the dance floor. We want to continue this epidemic and hope to continue to expand the house family in the Boston scene. I am so happy that we can continue to bring you all this party and are truly grateful and blessed with all the support we have gotten through this journey. We love you all and truly appreciate you all. See you on the dance floor!

Mystina: I only hope to keep this scene alive. To see it grow. It’s amazing always seeing new faces each month. I want this to become a movement. I solid house for us all. Not just for us Bostonians but for all in the world. I hope one day ERATO becomes that legendary party. One where when I am old people still talk about it and say “Yo remember that dope party we used to get down at?” And lastly I know ERATO truly is LOVE when an anonymous dancer who has been coming and supporting from the very beginning comes to me with a humbling donation. That took me out of surprise and I cried. It came at the most needed time for ERATO and if you are reading this, THANK YOU! I love my ERATO family. You guys keep me going. You guys keep our scene going. I love you. Thank you. See you all at ERATO this Saturday.

With love, Mystina.

Every Kitchen and its Chef(s) have their own means for manifesting a recipe. “NO RULES!” is our favorite ingredient at ERATO with two full bottles of MUST HAVE FUN!

Dende and Mystina, THANK YOU for introducing me to Beloved and Jihad’s intensity LIVE in Boston! ERATO truly has unforgettable nights…must be the music! Yet it begins before the first song is played and lingers long thereafter. For that I remain Grateful. For if not for you, UNION DANCE would remain a mystery to me! THANK YOU for bringing the BAD BEATS to the table and knocking us OUT.! Aside from your talents as DJs and so many other crafts, your sweet-faces, honest words and warrior strengths are muses. You’re both very close to my sincerest and I continue to look forward to how it all comes together <3

Boston, ERATO is for You by a crew of kids who grew up in your Scene. We only hope to continue the tradition of Spreading Love through Music, gathering with Like-Minded Humans and reflecting that No One Man Owns House; HOUSE IS FOR ALL and All Are Welcomed! PLANET ROCK!

We hope to see you this Saturday, April 15th for DENDE & MYSTINA rocking ERATO all night on the Sound Setup of HouseHead Pete! $10 cover 9 p.m. door at Club Bohemia (lower level of the Cantab Lounge), 738 Massachusetts Avenue, Central Square, Cambridge ~ BUT FOR REAL, TO THE BATMOBILE, LET’S GO!!!
Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.