The Underground Garden: Dedicated


To the Spared.

Tell me what it’s like
To have someone stand behind you
And not flinch
To not tense up and prepare to be
Groped, molested, raped, robbed.
Tell me how that feels.

Tell me what it’s like
To blink
To be able to sit and be present
Not freeze into the abyss
In order
To be present

Tell me how that feels.

Tell me what it’s like
To know security
To know health
To know stability

To be able to control your thoughts and emotions
To not have your emotions react to a thought
Or your thoughts change based on an emotion
Tell me how that feels.

Tell me what it’s like
To feel worthy
To never have had your voice stolen
Your courage bullied
Your essence sullied
Tell me how that feels.

I can tell you how it feels to relax
To consciously turn off a panic attack
To realize the dryness of your eyes and allow a few tears to moisturize your
          close up sight.
“I’m here.”

I can tell you of barely there
But of nightmares you I’ll spare
You of other cares
I wonder what that’s like.

To be Spared.


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.


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