This IS too good to be true
It’s terrifying
You can see me
Help me be me
Watch me evolve
The quicksand help me dissolve
Not by holding my hand
But just by paying attention
Then having me listen

Body language
Human tongue
Guarded thoughts
While I sit in my meditative sate and contemplate the reasons Existence is so great
The reasons why I don’t mind a full plate
The reasons why I don’t detour from the gate
That’ll lead into the next phase

Watching you react to my face
I’m reminded of the dormant beneath the exterior
Mother Superior
La Emperatriz
Flashing through decades in the span of a 10 second hug is bugged

I’m avoiding the rug before it’s pulled from under me
I can’t find myself depending on anything pretending to be more than it is
Although it is clear what this is

A terrifyingly wonderful connection of time travel and soul food
The definition of You and I is undefined yet profound
Like a loud, silent sound

Not an oxymoron more like a riddling tickle
A profound waterfall whose crash is just a trickle

I can’t find myself extending my imagination for the understanding of its meaning
No need to seek why
Don’t want to find myself catching feelings
Any more than I already have

The ones I try to extinguish yet selfishly I set ablaze within the craze for a pillow burying face for a full body trace a great escape into a state of fate and taste and shakes

Aftershocks on the clock while my waters rest at bay underneath your dock


This IS too good to be true
Too damn sweet
A dentist’s dream
So many cavities to treat
So many persons to meet

You at 15, 7, 23, 38, 77

While I continue to reintroduce myself
Not reinvent myself
Not find myself
Be myself

I have to let you know
I appreciate your probe
Appreciate your prayers
Your Live Your Best Life Woman dare
Your touched stare

This IS too good to be true
You are learned
You know
You I do not lead from step one
This is also where you come from
We are an energy naturally flowing
Not trying
Naturally towing the line that holds the lives that mold through time and unite at every life

You sing out loud the words that make sense to me
Which is why I respect this good to be true
Enough not to disrespect it with foolish anchors
Earthly questions seeking validating answers

I do not ponder
I muse
I do not wonder
I do

From this too good to be true
I’m soothed
I hope also too
I believe in the moment I am next to you
Give the moment a cherished memory to enlighten you
Screw inspire you
Light a fire in you
So you can trailblaze with the knowledge that you are unstoppable, incredible and wonderful
And not because I think so

But because I say so.

I’m exiting a guarded place of fear
I walk with and listen for signs lit in gold
Appreciate concern emanating from your hold
Live and write the story that will one day be told

From mouths of children’s children who will be as bold
As the characters we were before it was time to go Home
These are the places toward which our energies flow
Ensuring this Magic is Our Constant Goal
I try to make sure of your Gifts you’ll always know
I see my reflection in the hold of your palms
Sense Spirits Rising in the state of our calm

At which we arrive when we roll to the sides and combine our way deep insides

When we’re together, we speak mostly in Sighs.

This IS too good to be true.


Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.