It stabs you in the back! It’s aloe for the woundtagore-love-endless-mystery-sunset-hawaii-unmesh
It’s mother to child from wife by husband viewed

Sisters and brothers who are friends to another and also a lover

It’s late nights
Lost in thought
Replaying sweet moments you pray to remember the day you see they you forgot

It’s the heart skipping, rushing to look good

Even though your lover has seen you in the nude
Hair undone
You still wanna entice your


It’s a maternal instinct only a mother can try to explain
A father’s pride
A sibling connection that keeps a young one brave
While older beings temptation away sway

Knowing they’re the example the ones with love they see will follow one day

Watching it leave helplessly
Keeping the door open
In the lock remains the key
Allowing a serviceperson to come to the rescue
Change the code and introduce you to a love you’ve never known

It’s becoming a hero nursing a wing back to full spring
Becoming their reason to again take in
The beauty of an early dawn yawn as they spread their arms across

Another shot please!!
Don’t you dare off shut me
I’m grieving can’t you see!
I’m a victim of L.O.V.E.

The word has so much more meaning

It’s a voice that soothes
A presence that moves
The reason you stop to smell flowers that later decorate rooms
It’s the slow dance while you hold hands on a subway train working to make change – making decisions as to how far you’ll hustle – having back while keeping self-love intact – saying goodbye is love’s deepest attack

It’s finding strength to stop self-destructing
Having hope while reconstructing
Delivering tools to that site of construction
Without condition

It’s learning another who’s learning you
Growing together
1 comes from 2

It’s seeing a trinket that will make a twinkle reflect in your eyes
From the one you wish to surprise


It’s my mother, my father, my family, my son, my blood, my ancestry
It’s my faith, my beliefs, my will and endurance

It’s the reason we’re sane and the cause of great pain

It’s confusion and danger
It lives in all strangers
What we all are before we know names
Then onto each other give safe


It’s walking in the rain to arrive at their place to arrive at their face
And accept an apology
They don’t have to say
Or hear
Always waiting for love to appear

It’s that ring in the box, the bun in the oven, the ex that doesn’t last, the friend whom your heart grasps, the sweet
vision of a crush, the tingle of a touch, the gotta get home rush, to see my baby

It’s your soul spirit family whose blood flow represents another tribe but you know and love through all of time’s time


It’s accomplishment, it’s heaven sent, it’s visions and messages, it’s recognition, it’s a blessing,
It’s the only reality in this dimension that makes evil go away
Although it contradicts itself when Lust takes its place

I be aware of thee, beware of thee, share selflessly, endlessly, happily, keep faith in thee, cry when an error is made by
me, dry 99% of the time as misery is bad company
And I am lucky that I have seen your face


To end quickly,

LOVE from the inside out and share yourself that way. LOVE.

Liza Zayas is a lover of writing and dancing and celebrates both as a singer and songwriter performing as Luna del Flor. You can hear her collaborative sounds and experience life through her storytelling. She invites you to dance. Her poetry seeks to initiate dialogue by intentionally expressing consequences of love, lust, ego and self-respect.