Streamed live on May 5 and May 7, 2015.

This week, the Oddball Show tackled the Baltimore Riots and then some over the course of two casts. Our aim this week was to increase dialogue and expand our collective knowledge base on issues such as race relations and police brutality. We recognize that though our opinions may differ, sometimes strongly, it is in our best interests as a people to not only allow for but also engage in these tough discussions. We strongly believe that discourse is a very achievable, critical first step towards bridging the gaps in our differences and likewise working towards measurable change.

On May 5, Ivan De Jesus and Chris Everson were joined by a good friend of The Oddballs and resident of Baltimore, Dr. Kristaps Paddock, for a first hand perspective on what’s gone on over the past couple of weeks and how accurate the media’s narrative has been thus far.

On May 7, Ivan, Chris were joined by Jason Wright, Chad Parenteau and special guest, modern day Civil Rights activist, Alain Davis. We discuss the underlying conditions and mentalities in our country that have led to so much civil unrest and quite frankly, bloodshed. Racism, police brutality, main stream media, privilege, and then some are all on the table as Alain and the Oddballs attempt to broaden our listeners’ knowledge base and if nothing else, encourage people to talk.