Livestreamed on July 24, 2015.

Our first returning guest! Hijinks! Wrestling references for no discernible reason! And an Andy Kaufman impression that starts off the show and goes way too long. It’s less Andy Kaufman and more of an actual person of unknown origins who goes on stage…and bombs, with no Elvis in sight. And that’s only the first couple of minutes!

When LA based poet Alexandra Naughton called in for Episode 7, there were allusions to a friend of hers via texts she shared. Specifically, it was her friend and editor, Andrew Razor. In addition to Alexandra rocking the house, we got a bit of his story. Naturally, we wanted to know more. In episode #12 we not only welcome back Alexandra, we welcome the man known as Razor. He is also joined by Iris Berry. Both Razor and Iris were not only part of the LA music scene since the punk era, they also today help cultivate the long-standing LA poetry scene with Punk Hostage Press. Several musical eras are touch on. Several poets in the LA scene are touched on. Several poems are read. A scene where one poet got punched is recounted. And only one or two more horrible Andy Kuffman impressions are attempted. It’s our latest in the LA/Boston poets exchange program. You don’t want to miss this.

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