In this new series for Oddball Magazine, cartoonist George Panagopoulos and poet Chad Parenteau will take political cartooning and mix it with light (and not so light) politically charged verse inspired (sometimes loosely) by the illustration, sometimes maybe even in opposition to it. This will be an experimental venture with words and pictures, which might be intertwined more so in the future. Don’t forget to give us your feedback, both “likes” and “dislikes” (though there is no button for the latter).


Comic © George Panagopoulos

Comic © George Panagopoulos


The new breed of starlets are gone
Oddball tells us “Take ’em on!”
So now I must work
a rhyme into “twerk”
and pretend they don’t make me yawn.


It’s all the same this n’ that.
Justin and Miley are twins! How ’bout that?”
My own views unsung.
When I look at that tongue,
I can only think of Bill The Cat.


Vogue showed Kim and Kayne’s space
in a photo that looks out of place.
If this particular pic
is all photoshopped schtick
why not change the kid’s freaked out face?


One thing remains all to clear.
whenever there’s a new young dear,
Madonna will glom
like a real creepy mom
and once again have a career.


George Panagopoulos is an Artist, Writer, and Comedian from Worcester, MA. You won’t catch him pulling punches, he tries to focus on truth above partisan politics. “I want you to be compelled to discuss my stuff, it’s about starting a dialogue, making you reflect, and hopefully laugh”

Chad Parenteau’s limericks have been seen floating around in places like Salon and Mad Kane’s Humor Blog. He is a contributing editor to Oddball Magazine.