Illustration © George Panagopoulos

Illustration © George Panagopoulos


Now radio mics sound more flat.
Mighty Casey’s no longer at bat.
I’ll get sentimental
after limericks up-tempo,
and we all know that Casey loved that.


An entire generation went “Zoinks!”
aa from our lives Casey was yoinked
Let’s take a breather
as it’s becoming much clearer
that no real word rhymes with “Zoinks.”


A little known fact for today:
Casey had once walked away
from cartoon racism
preemptively givin’
a middle finger to Michael Bay.


As dementia tore him, he was hid.
Now family may start making bids
for Casey’s money
so it would have been funny
if he cussed, “those damn meddling kids.”


George Panagopoulos is an Artist, Writer, and Comedian from Worcester, MA. You won’t catch him pulling punches, he tries to focus on truth above partisan politics. “I want you to be compelled to discuss my stuff, it’s about starting a dialogue, making you reflect, and hopefully laugh”

Chad Parenteau’s limericks have been seen floating around in places like Salon and Mad Kane’s Humor Blog. He is a contributing editor to Oddball Magazine.