It seems like every time the New England Patriots win a major game, all the haters come out of the woodwork to cry foul. You’ve got everyone and their mothers claiming the game is rigged. You’ve also got haters that go as far as saying that we paid the refs or that we cheat. I just wanted to say this,

It’s easy to win when you have a good coach that can build a system that allows a team to remain successful regardless of the price of the players on the roster. It helps that Bill Belichick has a QB who is willing to do everything he can to win. People spend more time complaining about the Patriots’ success instead of criticizing the other team that lost to them.

No one is pointing out the fact that the Pats defense shut out Patrick Mahomes for an entire half. No one is talking about how Mahomes took two 14 yard sacks instead of throwing it away thus getting knocked out of field goal range. No one is talking about how the Chiefs failed to truly capitalize on some of the Pats turn overs. No one is willing to criticize the Chiefs’ defense for leaving Julian Edelman wide open on SEVERAL plays. You’d think tape of the divisional round would make a case for really covering Edelman, but they just never had the answer.

Mahomes’ O-Line also failed him on numerous occasions because New England just kept getting in his face. People assume it’s impossible to sustain this type of success in this era of the sport because of the many rules implemented to balance the game, and prevent the dynasties of the past (free agency, salary caps, etc). Maybe Belichick is just that smart. Maybe it’s time for other teams to to start looking for coaches who are just that creative and can control a locker room.

People should be more critical of their own teams instead of losing sleep over the other team. You wanna beat the Patriots? Build a team that can. Get a guy who can out-coach Belichick. There are very few coaches in existence that have done such, but it’s possible. Build a system that relies on good affordable players instead of spending ridiculous amounts of money on stars to carry a team. You can’t buy your way to success. The Pats are successful because Belichick can do the equivalent of shopping at Goodwill, and turn one team’s trash into their treasure.

When teams start actually watching how the Patriots operate and attempt to imitate that, maybe–just maybe–a team can actually be as good as us.

Stay classy…


Flemmings Beaubrun is an avid gamer and lover of music. When not working, Flemmings likes to spend his time whipping up dank beats for the masses. He also spends his weekends thrift shopping for rare video games and obscure electronics. Other times he’s in front of a TV with a giant bowl of cereal enjoying shows from the 90s.