By now you’ve probably read through that really ridiculous ESPN report that exposes some conflict in the Patriots organization surrounding the Jimmy Garappolo Trade. If you haven’t, then you can kill some brain cells by reading the article here.

Now that you’ve killed some brain cells, it’s time to break down just about everything wrong with this story.

This story completely disregards the reason why Jimmy G. was traded in the first place. It also doesn’t acknowledge the fact that there’s simply no reason to bench Brady in favor of another QB. Jimmy G. was traded because despite being offered a big fat contract just to sit behind Brady, Jimmy just wanted to play and no amount of money would change that. It also doesn’t help that despite an crappy O-Line and several missing pieces to the offense, Brady is still playing stellar football. While having both along with a solid succession plan would’ve been great, there was no way we were going to have both with the way things were going. Brady has had some hiccups this season, but people seem to forget that Brady has had to play without his most reliable wide receiver/route runner in the form of Julian Edelman. Brady has also had to deal with an O-line that can’t adequately protect him. The blame shouldn’t be entirely on Brady.

This article acts like the other thirty-one football clubs don’t have similar quarrels going on in their buildings. Seriously, football clubs bicker over stuff like this every single day. The fact that it’s the Pats shouldn’t make things any different.

-This article assumes that Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia applying for head coaching vacancies indicate some mass exodus. McDaniels has been avidly trying to look for a head coaching job since the 2014 season solely for the fact that he wants to go back to being a head coach. The guy has gained valuable experience as our offensive coordinator and feels ready to dive back into that field. People come and go, that’s life. No one is leaving a sinking ship because there is no sinking ship.

Belichick barring Brady’s trainer from the team was nothing more than Belichick eliminating what became a huge distraction. Anyone who knows Bill will know that Bill hates distractions. Bill puts everything he has in keeping his team focused, and when something starts to cause a ruckus in the locker room he feels the need to eliminate it.

One could look at Jimmy G.’s five game winning streak in San Fran and assume that we let a good one go away; but as well as Jimmy has played, those five games are not indicative of his skill level. Jimmy didn’t play a single division game and the NFC west is a pretty hard hitting division. We honestly don’t know how Garappolo will perform, but these five games aren’t an adequate gauge of how good of a QB he’ll be.

This article, like Brady’s trainer, is nothing more than a distraction. ESPN has had a track story of dropping stories likes these conveniently before and after Pats playoff games. We’ll be fine. The difference between us and the other thirty-one teams is that a stupid story like this will do nothing to derail our playoff run.

Stay classy…


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