You ever get this feeling that MassDOT ain’t trying to fix these roads anymore? It feels as if these roads have been perpetually bad, and that they won’t get any better.

I know I can swerve around the potholes, but that’s a lost cause because there so many of them that you’re bound to drive right into another one. I look drunk constantly swerving around.

The roads themselves are just uneven. I’ve already had to get yet another repair to my car because of how shitty these roads are. I’m aware our weather sucks and results in such crappy roads. It’s just wicked annoying.

I almost wonder if the mechanics are conspiring with the construction workers, or the New England weather. Mechanics here must make a killing with the amount of people who come to them with undercarriage problems that are the result of these road conditions.

Maybe one day we’ll develop weather resistant asphalt, or at least asphalt that will last longer. Or maybe, we could get regular maintenance on these roads. Unfortunately our traffic sucks as it is and can’t handle sections of road being closed off for stretches of time.

Maybe one day these roads will get better, or maybe one day I’ll be living somewhere with better roads. Until then, one can only dream.

Stay classy…


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