And just like that, we’ve reclaimed our spot at the top of the division.

I am very worried about our team going forward though. Our defense has some pretty serious holes in it. Kudos to the offense for doing the best they can without Julian Edelman, but we can’t keep relying on our offense to bail us out because the defense allows for all of those points to be dropped on us.

We go against a really high powered offense in the Atlanta Falcons next week. In case y’all have forgotten, we embarrassed Atlanta back in November which means they’ll be bringing the heat to Foxboro. Atlanta lost against Miami, and they ain’t looking to lose twice in a row.

If we don’t get our shit together then we’ll be digging ourselves out of hole so deep that our team back in February would be jealous. Something needs to change and, it needs to change now. It’s rare for me to not be satisfied with a win but, I’m really not satisfied with this win.

All this game did was expose some serious holes in our defense, holes that we haven’t been able to efficiently patch. It’s like that moment when your canoe is sinking, so you plug one while only to see another one pop up. We’ve gotta really go back to the drawing board with this one because this is getting out of hand.

I really hope Matt Patricia and Bill Belichick have a long term plan with our defense because I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

Epic Autistic out…


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