You see, I told y’all we’d be fine.

I don’t know why the hell everyone has to act like the sky is falling every time the New England Patriots lose a game. Brady is as good as ever and no, we do not need to bench him and start Jimmy Garappolo (fuck you very much Boston Globe).

You can often tell when Brady is angry because he will play the best damn football he’ll ever play in his life, and that he did. Three TDs for over 440 yards.

Gronk was a monster until he once again got hurt. These injuries are really starting to kill us, and we’ve got some monster defenses coming up.

Great effort on offense minus the injuries. Hopefully we won’t have too many people out next week because we’ll need all we’ve got.

The Defense played much better than last week, but y’all can’t keep blowing coverage on the explosive receivers. We got lucky this week, but the Texans have guys on our team that will make us hurt.

These injuries are a bit concerning, especially when we have so many younger guys who have yet to really grasp the system. Hopefully some of these guys are back next Sunday. The good thing is that we have a time table on Dont’a Hightower (2-3 weeks), but until then we’ll need every person to step up.

We’ll be fine. It’s not like we haven’t dealt with this before. It’s only week 2, so there’s still about 15 more weeks of football left. Before you know it, the AFC East will look exactly as it should.

Stay classy…


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