1. Is it really that hard to take the damn snow off the top of your cars? I had snow fly into my window this weekend, and it was the scariest thing ever. Thankfully nothing broke, but come on!

2. If your car is sliding, DON’T SLAM ON THE BRAKES! Neutral is your best friend. It’ll stop your wheels from spinning entirely.

3. When your wipers go on, so should your damn lights. I’ve lost track of all the times I’ll see have cars speed by me as I’m trying to change lanes in low visibility that I couldn’t see because they didn’t have their lights on. It doesn’t matter how bright it is on the road. Those lights aren’t for you, it’s so that we don’t get t-boned because you’re irresponsible.

4. If you’re not from Massachusetts, and you see an object bigger than your head sitting in a spot that you really want to park on, just move on. It ain’t worth getting your tires slashed over.

5. Spring doesn’t begin until May 1st in New England. Just because the weather gets nicer in March, doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear. April has been pretty vicious with early snow storms. Look up “April Fools Day Blizzard” for those who are too young to remember.

Stay classy…


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