1. No one passes you with more aggression than a:

-Pickup truck you passed like 10 miles ago. It’s as if they were so intimidated by something smaller than their vehicle outperforming them that they needed to assert their dominance as the Big One out here.

-A New York driver in an SUV who seems to think that you doing 80-90 in the fast lane is too slow for them.

2. The staties seems not to give a shit about the stretch of the Pike west of I-84. I’ve never had such an easy time speeding on the pike any time before that.

3. 30 miles still feels like an eternity between exits (I’m talking to you Exit 3 in Westfield to Exit 2 in Lee).

4. Leaving Massachusetts to go into New York is like entering into a foreign land.

5. That’s a huge ass number next to Buffalo. I thought the “127” you see next to “Albany NY” on the Pike in the Worcester area was big. That “312” is a bit much.

6. I thought the roads in Massachusetts were bad. That Berkshire/Thruway connector made my tires scream in agony.

7. The scenery on this highway does look pretty gorgeous. I’ll give it to New York for nice scenic drives. Their sports teams however can eat a big one. 😜

8. So this is the famed Albany?

*Steps our car to snap some pics of old Catholic structure*

9. This neighborhood looks a bit trashy. I think it’s time to go back to my car.

10. I always feel weird about speeding in other states. In Massachusetts, I know how the MA staties operate which makes speeding all the easier. I don’t know how the New York staties operate, it’s best not to poke any bears, dragons, and whatever frequents the far away land of New York.

11. Peripheral vision is great for two things: staying safe, and staying within the law (and by staying within the law I mean taking two years off your breaks to drop from 85/90-65 in under 3 seconds).

12. Going in the reverse direction, it feels strange to see a number larger than three digits next to “Boston” on the mileage signs.

13. I love the look of highways at dusk where there’s just enough sunlight for it to be bright, but it’s dark enough where your head lights create this nice glow off of the signs.

14. One of my favorite sounds on a highway is the one where you drive over bridge supports.

15. Western Massachusetts is pitch black at night. Like, who the hell turned off the lights? Did the entire county forget to pay their electric bill?

16. I don’t know what’s more emotional, seeing “Massachusetts Welcomes You” after being on a long drive, or when you’re traveling internationally and immigration says “Welcome Home.”

17. New York ain’t allowed to make fun of us for hard to pronounce town names. Sch, Sch, Schenectady?! Just when you thought “Poughkeepsie” was pushing it.

18. Uh, Uh, wait, hold on, Uh-ti-kuh? No, apparently it’s Yoo-Ti-Kuh (Utica).

19. Apparently New York still uses toll booths. I’m really not fond of dropping from 85-20 mph just for my EZ pass to read properly. The New York State Thruway Authority would really benefit from that Port Authority money for making high speed toll lanes. After all, they make millions a day alone from George Washington Bridge crossings with the exception of Chris Christie sanctioned lane closures.

(Too soon?)


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