It appears that every time a black celebrity starts being praised for bringing up issues of racism, there are those few people that have to call out the fact that said person is dating a white person/non black person to make a point that these people shouldn’t be allowed to speak on black issues. It happened with Jordan Peele after he made Get Out, it’s now happening to Donald Glover after making his “This Is America” music video. This shit is getting really old, and we can do better.

1. Donald Glover, and Jordan Peele are grown men who can date whomever the fuck they want. Let’s say it a little louder so those in the back can hear:


Why are y’all mad? There aren’t a written set of rules that tell black men and women who they’re supposed to date. The last time we had a written set of rules of who we were supposed to date and have kids with was during the Jim Crow era; do not carry that mentality into 2018. If you want to date within your race because you feel that it’s easier to preserve your culture, be my guest; just let other people love who they want. I totally understand the pain of black women who have been curbed by their own out of hatred, but not every person who dates outside of their race does it out of self hatred. I see the hashtags #blacklove, and #fallingblackinlove and while the intentions are good, the create sometimes unrealistic expectations that not everyone can meet. Date who you want, just make sure you don’t do it out of spite for your own.

2. Dating a non black person does not make you any less woke than those who don’t.

You can date a non-black person and still speak on black issues. You can date ANYONE outside of your race and still be allowed to speak on issues that affect your race. Anyone who tells you otherwise can go fuck themselves. Jordan Peele and Donald Glover do the best they can to bring these issues to light, and here we are trying to take away their credibility because the are married to non-black people.

The fact that they date outside of their race and can still addresses these issues is a good thing. It means the person they’re with acknowledges these issues without putting them down or attempting to convince them they’re wrong. What you don’t want is them being a mouthpiece for the ideals shared by their spouse that are a threat our plight (i.e. Deneen Borelli). Jordan Peele and Donald Glover are proof that dating outside of your race doesn’t make you any less black.

We expect our own to do things a certain way. When they don’t , we call them sellouts. This division within our community is getting out of hand. For a group of people that praises diversity, we sure do a shit job of encouraging it within our own community. Let our brothas and sistas be who they wanna be. They wanna date someone non black, and they’re not doing it out of hate? let them do their thing. They wanna listen to a genre of music that is not hip hop/r&b? Let it be! They wanna watch hockey and baseball? Let it happen! They wanna be nerdy, and like Pokémon, and more obscure things? EMBRACE IT!!!!!

As long as people of color are venturing outside of their culture out of genuine interest, and not self hate, who the hell are we to judge?!? Stop it with the ousting! This kind of division is exactly what racists want. Let’s love each other regardless of whether or not we fit a certain set of rules of what a POC should be.

Stay classy…


Flemmings Beaubrun is an avid gamer and lover of music. When not working, Flemmings likes to spend his time whipping up dank beats for the masses. He also spends his weekends thrift shopping for rare video games and obscure electronics. Other times he’s in front of a TV with a giant bowl of cereal enjoying shows from the 90s.