This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend another PAX East. While there were many great games from the big AAA studios, this post will be about the smaller indie studios that make are making a splash onto the scene. A few years ago, PAX introduced the Indie Megabooth. Since then, the booth has increased in size, featuring a wealth of studios from across the country. I had a chance to play many games, here are my top games of the year.

Blazing Chrome

If this game looks familiar to you, that’s because it is inspired by Contra Hard Corps for the Sega Genesis. This game feels, and plays just like Contra. I had a ton of fun playing this as this forces you to learn numerous enemy attack patterns. The game is just as punishing as the very game that inspired it. You can find out more here,

Streets Of Rage 4

Due to rules in the booth preventing me from shooting any photography, or video, I am only able to provide a picture of the outside of this booth. The team at Dot Emu comes with a sequel to an iconic 2D sidescrolling brawler. Streets of Rage 4 was super fun to play, and feels just as awesome as the original. The art was amazing, though I was not able to judge the music since the tracks in there were simply place holders. It will be interesting to see if the new soundtrack lives up to the originals done by Yuzo Koshiro.

Cyber Shadow
Company: Yacht Games

Inspired by the Ninja Gaiden series of games, Cyber Shadow brings a punishing action packed platformer.

I found this game to be both fun, and punishing. I played a lot of Ninja Gaiden in the day, and this feels right at home.

Freedom Finger
Company: Wide Right Games

You pilot a middle finger through the depths of space in order to save the American lunar base from being taken over by the Chinese. If you loved games like Gradius, R-Type, Twin Bee, Blazing Lazers, and Star Soldier, then you will love this shoot em up. I loved blazing through the galaxy to some really epic tunes. The art style looks like it came straight out of someone’s classroom doodles.

Gato Roboto
Devolver Digital

This is the adventure game I never realized I needed in my life. You control a cat whose owner has crashed on to an uncharted planet. The owner is stuck under rubble, thus it is up to the cat to complete the mission with the help of a special suit. This game was super fun, and looked reminiscent of an old Gameboy game.


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