1. Every single one of those women slayed both in looks, and in combat.

2. I love how the movie spends a lot of time taking jabs at how the rest of the world perceives Africa, particularly those who pass judgement based on that one “feed the children” advert they saw one evening when they had nothing better to do.

3. We of the Beaubrun family would like to adopt Shuri as our honorary sister. We will accept no trade offers at this time.

4. This movie was a pretty accurate reflection of the rift between native Africans and, diaspora Africans.

5. Killmonger is a great villain, but nothing will ever top Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker.

6. Why does Killmonger look like he beat the shit out of Vegeta, took his armor and screamed, Who’s the greatest Saiyan now?

7. Michael B. Jordan can get you pregnant just by looking at you. If you ain’t ready for kids, i suggest you don’t make eye contact with him.

8. After nearly getting murdered at the hands of a white family obsessed with stealing the gifts, and talents of talented black people; Daniel Kaluuya has found his way back home to the wonderful land of Wakanda where he has found himself a Wakandian beauty.

9. I’ve learned that barking is an appropriate response to people speaking out of turn on matters that are beyond them.

10. The musical score impressed me way more than I thought it would. It was a nice mix of typical movie style score with touches of African music and hip hop.

11. The costume designers for this film better win a damn Oscar. The wardrobes of many African countries were beautifully represented throughout the movie.

12. We should handle all successions of power via combat on giant waterfalls.

13. If anyone wants to buy me a shock absorbent suit made of vibranium, that would be wonderful.

14. It still humors me to this day that people are still leaving Marvel movies before the damn credits are over. I’m so much of an avid Marvel movie watcher that I stayed past the credits of Logan even after the guys who just desperately wanted to clean the theater told us five times that there wasn’t a post credits sequence. I thought they were just being dicks.

A fantastic movie overall. My only complaint is that I want more!



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