It’s never football season without the Patriots pulling the trigger on some really shocking trade. This weekend we sent out 3rd string QB to the colts for a wide receiver. Now all of social media is freaking out but, I’m honestly not surprised. Solid, yes but the team seems more invested in keeping Jimmy Garoppolo.

Trading Jacoby Brissett allows them to pay Jimmy just enough while paying pennies this new receiver which we’ll need plenty of in Edelman’s absence.

This guy has Patriots breakout star written all over him. He’s an underutilized guy who had great stats in college but, poor stats in pro football as a result of playing in a poorly coached team/system like the Colts offense.

Belichick is a master scouter who while preparing for other teams is also looking for cheap players to hustle from other teams. Colts needed a QB and, we needed depth at the WR position. I knew from the get go we weren’t going to keep Brissett for very long seeing how Jimmy G played in Brady’s absence.

This is more of a win for us in terms of depth and, cap space. As good as Brissett is, he’ll never be used at his full potential in the mess of an organization that is Indiana.

Indiana–much like the Browns, the Jets and the Bills–are loaded with talent that gets underutilized because they’re functioning in a system that is built solely around their star QBs and not the strengths of other players as a whole.

The Patriots never pull the trigger on trades where the gains don’t out weight the losses.

The sky seems to fall every time we make trades like this. We’ll be just fine.


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