*Spoilers Ahead*

It’s Halloween season, and one thing I love to do during this month is re watch horror films from back in my day. Now one of my all time favorites is the Child’s Play series.

For those who are too young, or have been living under a rock, Child’s Play follows a serial killer known as Charles Lee Ray. He’s fleeing from the police when he gets wounded in a gunfight. Knowing he’s on the verge of death, Charles (Chucky for short) uses a voodoo ritual to transfer his soul into the body of a “Good Guys” doll. The doll is eventually obtained by a single mother whose son wants it for his birthday.

This movie blew my mind growing up because up until that point, I had never watched a movie where the main villain was a doll. I’ll never forget the sheer terror I experienced when Mrs. Barclay went into the box and realized that the batteries were never inside of the doll. Like, the whole time the doll had been talking and it didn’t have any damn batteries!

There’s also that moment where Mrs. Barclay tries to put the doll in the fire place to get it to talk and it finally comes to life.

I’d never been so scare of dolls until this series of movies. If y’all are in the mood for as classic horror film, Child’s Play is the place to go.


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