Microsoft also needs to win over Japan. One of the things that helps Sony and Nintendo greatly are their ties to Japan. Their success in that territory grants them very strong overseas third party support, which translates into more niche games coming over to the states. There is a decently sized market for these niche games that continues to grow.

Microsoft needs to start pumping out stellar first party titles. One of the things that made the original Xbox great was the fact it was a home to unique experiences that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Microsoft needs to recapture that magic.

Price is VITAL! The Xbox One got killed because it was an overpriced, under powered machine. Project Scarlet will need to come on the market at a good price point if it wants to make its way into homes next holiday.

Sony did a FANTASTIC job this year with a nice slew of first party titles as well as exclusives from third parties. Sony did a great job of making a machine that focused mainly on games, and it showed. Many third party games ran better on PS4.

Don’t take your foot off the gas!

Don’t take your foot off the gas!

Don’t take your foot off the gas!

Microsoft will be gunning for that number one spot. DO NOT GET COCKY! Sony will need to take everything they did right this gen, and take with them to the next gen.

Backwards compatibility is EXTREMELY important. Backwards compatibility is the one edge Microsoft has on Sony. A decent amount of the 360 library is playable on the Xbox One. Microsoft is ensuring that EVERY Xbox One title is playable on Project Scarlet on day one. Sony will really need to invest in a good backwards compatibility solution if it wants that edge.

Price is also key. Sony had the edge in price, and will need to have a good combo of price, and power to compete next gen.

Nintendo is doing quite well with the Switch, but is now facing some serious heat next year.

Nintendo is about to compete with some pretty powerful systems. Nintendo will need to deliver some pretty strong titles next year in order to be attractive option against the PS5, and what ever Microsoft names their next system.

Nintendo might want to consider a price drop for the Switch, even if it’s a $50 one. This however will depend if their rumored “Switch Jr.” hits the market this year. The Switch already has a price advantage against Sony and Microsoft, but $250 for a full Switch set would really move units.

Nintendo will benefit from more 3rd party developers porting games to their systems. There is still some notable omissions from the likes of EA. A Madden on the Switch would be great for the road.

Well that was a mouth full. As always,

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