My rating of drivers by state along the I-90/I-84/I-95 corridor.

Massachusetts Drivers

Massachusetts drivers are really, really overhyped. They’re honestly more stupid than they are aggressive. They have more bark than actual bite. They have this tough exterior but, the moment they see ANY form of precipitation they forget how to drive. Saturday night I was on I-84 in New York doing 75ish on a pitch black highway in very heavy rain. It was pretty disappointing to come back to Massachusetts to see people driving like pansies in lighter rain and, lighter conditions.

Connecticut Drivers

They don’t want to be associated with their asshole northern neighbors but, they also want to be edgy and try to mimic their New York neighbors usually with poor results. Some of them are accustom to driving in Massachusetts so they try to emulate their Massachusetts brethren more. Connecticut drivers often emulate they neighbor whose state border they’re closest to. I do have to give it to Hartford drivers though, y’all take those sharp ass turns like champs. At 7 am in Hartford most people say fuck it to the 50mph speed limit and proceed at 75.

New York/New Jersey Drivers

These guys are the real deal No fucks given drivers in the north east region. These guys will speed past you at 80 mph in really dangerous weather conditions because you’re being too cautious. Massachusetts drivers are like those small toy poodles barking at pit bulls and mastiffs that can tear their faces off. I thought y’all were crazy at first but, on Saturday night when I was doing 75 in conditions that would normally back up traffic on a Massachusetts highway, I knew I was in the right place which is funny because I despise New York sports teams. Y’all can keep your teams but, I’ll take your drivers any day. Y’all are fearless in a state where any highway warnings are only suggestions.

Stay classy…


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