I’ve avoided saying my piece on the Jussie Smollett fiasco because I wanted to wait until the all the information came in. I’ve usually jumped on these outrage trains prematurely and have gotten burnt in the long run. This is once again another situation where people jump on the outrage train and end up getting derailed as that facts come in. Sadly, people jumping on the outrage train ain’t even the biggest problem with the story.

The biggest problem with this story is that there’s a chance he not only lied about it, there’s evidence to suggest that he paid his attackers. I’m not quite sure where to begin in explaining why Jussie’s bullshit stunt is detrimental to our plight as people of color.

In a perfect word, I would hope that we can come to a consensus of what actually constitutes racism, and homophobia. More importantly, I would hope that if people report being a victim of an act of racism or homophobia that they get the benefit of the doubt, and that the matter is thoroughly investigated with the gravity it deserves.

You can bet your ass that every white conservative and independent is going to run wild with this. Of course people are going to automatically believe his side of the story; it has every check box liberals need to push the narrative that EVERY trump voter/MAGA hat wearer is a Nazi.

Something always felt funky about this story because it seemed way too easy. While racists do exist, people aren’t dumb enough to put that kind of target on their back. No one is dumb enough to attack a high profile celebrity knowing there might be protection close by.

By lying, Jussie Smollett has ensured that the next time someone claims to be a victim of racism, or homophobia, no one will ever believe them. Conservatives and some independents will jump out the woodwork to call bullshit before the facts are even out. I don’t know what the hell he was thinking, but it really doesn’t help his cause.

Let this be a lesson While it’s okay to give people the benefit of the doubt, it is always best to let all of the information come out before taking a side.

Stay classy…

P.S. “Empire” is a garbage show….


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