There’s this really annoying thing going on where people on Facebook will share an article without checking the damn date. The headline popped out, so people share it without vetting the article for age, legitimacy or both.

The problem with this is that it causes an old article to start circulating, thus creating a frenzy from old information. This gives me the impression that people on here don’t actually read any of the shit they share on this site, which I find quite alarming.

The most common instance of this is when people share news articles, or posts for missing children/persons. While some of these are recent, the majority of these posts are several weeks, or even months old. The person has either been located or is sadly dead in a ditch somewhere. Actually clicking on the story will give you some valuable insight. If anything has changed in an older story, there’s usually an update posted at the very top. Some of y’all wouldn’t know this because you probably don’t click on what you’re sharing before you share it.

Despite your best intentions, you’re only helping people who profit off of this sort of thing. Old articles and pages get shares, which brings in extra revenue. It’s really not that hard to check the damn date on links before you share them. Then again, some of y’all also don’t check the dates on the food you serve either, and it shows. Checking legitimacy is also important, but the date matters too. It’s aggravating when people are virally sharing news that’s several years old.

Y’all are so much smarter than this.

Stay classy…


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