So I had the chance to look at the new schedule for our 2017 season. I’m not going to sugar coat this at all, this is by far one of the strangest schedules I’ve ever seen.

1. I’m glad we are graced with another week 9 bye week. Mid season in my opinion is the optimal bye week. A good percentage of your guys are playing through nagging injuries at this point in the season. This week off prevents those injuries from becoming ones that keep you off the field.

2. There’s only one division game that entire first half of the season. Y’all gotta spread those games out man. Five of the last six games of the season are division games. It’s almost like they did that shit intentionally so we couldn’t clinch division until the end of the season.

3. We play the Dolphins twice in a three week span. I gotta come up with an Epic Autistic Pregame Report for the first game and follow it up with a fresh one two weeks later. It’s much easier when we face our division opponents in the first half of the season and see them again in November/December. A lot changes in a season this the reports stay fresh.

4. Why the hell isn’t New England vs Pittsburgh a Sunday Night game? It’s an AFC Championship rematch! That deserves the Sunday Night slot.

5. How the hell are we at Denver for the third season in a row.Y’all don’t like New England?

6. Y’all couldn’t let us open the season against ATL? Denver got to open against Carolina after whooping their ass.

Can it be September already? I miss writing The Epic Autistic Pregame Reports. I miss watching sweaty men pile on top of each other. I’ll see y’all in August


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