The Oddball Hour With PB n’ J, Episode 3: Bill Barnum and other Shout Outs

2014-03-12T21:44:53-04:00March 3rd, 2014|Contributors|

Our most timely post yet as Chad Parenteau and Toni Bee relate a recent message regarding Bill Barnum as well as tease features at Stone Soup and other venues for the [...]

The Oddball Hour With PB n’ J, Episode 2: The Sound of Ice Hitting Glass Is Our Toast to 2014

2014-03-12T21:26:23-04:00February 10th, 2014|Chad Parenteau, Jason Wright, Toni Bee|

After flailing about from waking up to a new beginning, we continue on. Chad Parenteau, Toni Bee, and Jason Wright return to record their first podcast of the new [...]

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