I tried to sing about you
But my guitar wouldn’t let me
Instead it wept softly and gently
I wanted to sing about how to me you’re like family
Where when no one could stand it
You understood Mel

I wanted to sing about the years before manic episodes when membranes and synapses fought for control
Before devils and angels played backgammon for souls
and I would watch as trees moved there halos, and branches extended
To pick us up out of a lineup of friends and foes offended
But back when the suburban sky let us know when we got too high, and one more look into the drunken sky would blind our eyes for certain
I try to remember you
As if you were a person.

Not the remnants of descendants songs

Not the blue dye, and safety pins

Not the sweeping sound of indifference
That now rests inside my head

I look back and I fall flat
Can’t look back
Can’t rewind the past
There’s two sides on this 45
And the record might skip but never seems to last

Cause you made me a b-side
To your love sick sing along

And I might have forgotten the words
To every social distortion song
But if this is the story of my life

Something went wrong
Which life tends to do

When you have stayed too long.