Today I am going to talk briefly about a band that I used to listen

to back in the dizay which would be the stone temple pilots. Not

a bad band. Pretty Pretty Good.

I liked Core alot. Purple is good too, but as bands tend to do

a.k.a the doors and the rolling stones,(which by all means i am not comparing these bands together) the band becomes bad usually after the third or so album. For the Doors it was after Strange Days. And the Rolling Stones it was after Brian Jones died, but what I am getting at is…well think of this scenario. SoundGarden, Pearl Jam these bands got progressively worse. I am saying that STP, not so bad. right now I am listening to Tiny Movie something, something, and it’s Pretty, Pretty, Pretty good. Uh, but I’m just saying that bands fall off. Now don’t get your ed hardys in a bunch. And can I say that those who are wearing ed hardy jeans probably never listened to Stone Temple Pilots in the first place. And seriously what is with this craze that is Ed Hardy?two hundred bucks for a pair of pants?? My nephew wears them and and first of all. But he also wears ripped jeans that he pays for, already ripped, I I say buy a pair of 20 dollar pants and rip them yourself. Ridiculous, simply ridiculous. Anyway my point is that Stone Temple Pilots was a pretty decent band.

just another jagged thought

feel free to write back.