Stone Soup Servings is a regular series for Oddball Magazine that features upcoming performers at Stone Soup Poetry, the long-running spoken word venue in the Boston area that has partnered with Oddball Magazine. Stone Soup Poetry now meets from 8-10 p.m. every Monday at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery’s new location at 541 Massachusetts Avenue in Central Square Cambridge, Massachusetts. The open mike sign-up at 7:30 p.m.

Just as we gave tribute to Stone Soup Poetry this May, the month of it’s forty-fourth anniversary, we close out this Monday with a tribute to Lawrence Carradini, who passed away in May of last year. Join Meg Smith as she reads from Carradini’s work. Below is a poem originally published in Polarity. The work appears with permission from the estate of Lawrence Carradini


After The Talking

It’s the jitterings that get me
in the back jointless
behind the

The rumpled stilt skins of my long legged’
now abandoned.
Making ends
that never.

I go from one same thing to some other.
I go from one (same thing?).
I go from…

Jiggle the tank
This is the last front before exit.

Now, age is the toll
I cannot run from another star.
The explosion will outstrip me.
The bullet is caught between
my teeth
for one last time.

I am not old.
I am lonely!

I am not going to take this

One more night and I will have it settled.
One more refrigerator door.
One more outside cat.
One more fluffy at the unbitten end of a candy.

Get out of here, you shadow!