Stone Soup Servings is a regular series for Oddball Magazine that features upcoming performers at Stone Soup Poetry, the long-running spoken word venue in the Boston area that has partnered with Oddball Magazine. Stone Soup Poetry now meets from 8-10 p.m. every Monday at the Out of The Blue Art Gallery’s new location at 541 Massachusetts Avenue in Central Square Cambridge, Massachusetts. The open mike sign-up at 7:30 p.m.

On Monday December 15, we will have Deta Galloway return to the podium. She shares with us this week an excerpt from an larger and seasonal holiday work.


You are to me the Icy Wind
You are small glass pebbles
when you sing to me
you fly towards me
wash over my bare face
and gives me tears, that glistens under lamp light.

Summer has come and gone
Now I walk alone
under a coated shawl of wool and cotton
I cannot guard myself from you
I walk briskly thru these roads without fan-fair
Summer knows of an Icy December

I dream often inside the colder momemts
How the shapes of strangers and friends belongs to me
when memory oe’rtakes me, I
cover my eyes and regain my cries
yesterdays embrace amidst the warm streams of the Rivers
Tomorrow I will meet you there again

I stand on the platform of the emptied train
People rushed thru and fro;they are gone
leaving this little lamb
to lean against my feet
then lay across my bosom
I hear her heartbeat

hushed dawn
of the sacred; breath and mist
lay far,
flung garments made of gold
In my Silvery dream
I am sailing tha’ clear River
toward the fields of choral worship
of joys’
celestial charm
The little Baby Jesus is born!