Smile empty Soldier by Jason Wright

I know.
I know.

You’ve told me this before.
To never put flowers in bullet shells.
To know the truth and the bullshit.

“Logan” Courtesy of Shabunawaz Photography ©2010 Shahnawaz Achhiwala

Broken we were, a tribal dance we
together again, we are
with more circumstance and pomp.

I know,
I know,
you’ve said this before.
to rely on hope
when everything falls.
To write linear thoughts on the
cement walls,
to spray the ugly away
with Krylon spray paint.

Inside I have colored the planet,
in a world of sanity and madness;
where manic, and Monday, and sanity wed.

Put them together someday
and purify the lead,
and purify your head;

read good books again.

“Roses are Red” Courtesy of Shabunawaz Photography ©2010 Shahnawaz Achhiwala

Because the page is the wall poets spray
with pencil and pen,
we create the stage;
where words can dance
and Sun can glow on Saturday.

And Monday can’t react cause
Wednesday, morning at 5:00, she’s leaving home.

And we listen to these words
that feel like
of a mountain…

that we all can climb.

A mountain lion.
A freezer bound mummy.
An empty soldier.

Smile, empty soldier.
the war is almost over…

smile, empty soldier
the war is almost over.