Smell The Rose

The city in the heart of the Ocean
The garden in the heart of the city
The gardener in the heart of the garden
The roses in the heart of the gardener

Light on

The little rose barely can breathe
Air is as quiet as the weather
play in London, its symphony of existentialism

Two cold eyes watch the little rose uninterested
A fork and a knife kill better any appetite

Light off

A fallen dove, with opened eyes, continue to exhibit
the last dance of roses. Magnified to accept his death.
Because roses grow everywhere.
Because roses kill everywhere
The purity of a little dove

The cold eyes examine it carefully
They do not move their eyelashes
They understand perfectly what it means
Escaping the smell of the roses

They do not help the dove
to close his eyes. They banish him
same as death banished its purity
long time ago.

How could that little dove
searched to possess the space
left from his mirror?

Light out

The little rose in front of a mirror
The mirror in front of the memories
The memories in front of the gardener
The gardener in front of the dreams.

The gardener waters his roses with tears
They are many. He does not remember their names
All he knows is that every morning he will count their shadows
And will water them in his heart.

“I’m tired of watering artificial roses”, he says
The little rose lows her head.
She doesn’t want to be artificial.

Light on

The gardener use e-smoke
He now smells his roses through a respirator
The roses are happy, touched by his soft hands
As canaries will be in their own prison .

Lights off

The little rose gives her last salute to the cold eyes
Happy being abandoned by him, just in time.


first microseconds © Dr. Regina Valluzzi

first microseconds © Dr. Regina Valluzzi


Lediana Stillo was born on November 25, 1980 in Korca, Albania. In March 2003 she interrupted her studies in the accounting field during her fourth year of College and emigrated to America. She is currently studying at Harvard University and working as a Reconciler Analyst for the State Treasury of Massachusetts. She is the editor of the 2012 anthology Sound of Wind: New American Lyrics. (2012) a project that was initiated by the Writers League of Kosovo. Other collections include Pax Deorum, Sin of Silence, Nymph’s Tears and her recent chapbook Clematis over a silent cathedral. She has been featured in Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and in New York, where she was a special guest at the recent Albanian Film Festival.

Dr. Regina Valluzzi explores abstract scientific concepts through complex geometric paintings. Many of the subjects of her abstract drawings and paintings are taken from topics in Physics research. Soft Matter Physics and Biological Physics ideas are often seen, arising from her main area of research for many years.