Dr Manjir is a former medical practitioner and bio-energy therapist turned international speaker and author of Punk Science and The Genius Groove. She is a renowned expert on the science of spirituality and consciousness looking at quantum physics, string theory and consciousness and how they relate to mystical experiences.

She is known for The Black Hole Principle, a new theory of the universe that unites processes on a very large scale in galaxies with stars, planets, atoms, DNA and even our weather patterns. Exciting outcomes of this theory may pave the way to
  a better understanding of climate change, volcanoes, hurricanes, the true origins of fossil fuels and it may even help in our journey to space and in finding sustainable energy sources.

She has a number of online programs based on the theory including a forthcoming Punk Science Movie. She has spoken at many conferences around the world including The Institute of Noetic Sciences, has been interviewed by the BBC, Channel 4 and many others and in 2013 was the presenter and producer of the hit TV show, Hidden Science.