Punk Fish

Punk Fish by Jason Wright

it is a

lazy sunday, in my boxers


to cash and kinks kind of day,

a soulful


listening to the sounds of silence

and loneliness,

the sounds of Music.

I can’t stand silence

but I love the sound of it.

I dream a little dream

i sing to the lepers and lemurs

washing my socks,

and doing dishes,



a bit of loneliness in the background

a bit of wishing acceptance

a bit of longing

waiting for fish to bite,

waiting for my friend to get off the golf course

waiting for someone to plug in

and a mic test,

check one.

check two.

Here i am.

Lets make music,

cause thats what i need.

chasing the sounds

in this soulful sea,

I am chasing the sounds.