Help me be still

and flow



with thick roots into the earth,

safe inside myself.

Sprouting purple pure lightening

electric within my veins.

Release, mother earth encircles me,
up into the heavens and rising into her core.

rise above the chaos.

Awaken, she screams through me

pulling me, tugging me, back into my flesh.
We are the gardens of Eden, will you love yourself and heal with me?

The physical, metaphysical, a spiral of continuance

hopefilled rays engulf me

waves wash over and permeate my pores

our heartbeats unite, again.

your breathe, voice, and very existence is the purest love there is,
we are one.

light humming vibrating together with sustenance

we ground, plant, save

and surrender

to our lives


our dreams

some kind of music.


“Sacred Serenity” © Tybie


Tybie is an visual artist, poet, and teacher.

Tybie is a resident of RAD, the River Arts District in Asheville, North Carolina.

She creates her life as art and believes in the transformative healing empowerment of artistic expression and community.

She is a huge fan of Out of The Blue, Brother Blue & Ruth, Stone Cold Soup, and of course XO.