Photography © Chad Parenteau



I’m in the back of a silver sedan, four
other guys packed in the car with me. I’m
seated behind the driver. The guy sitting
in the middle seat next to me, is a big
guy; his elbow digs into my side.

I look out the window at the city.

The interstate is bumpy, and so the
buildings bob up and down as they pan
by. It feels like the driver is driving too
fast, but I don’t look over his shoulder to
check the speedometer because he seems like
the type that would get mad if he caught
me doing it. I want to lean forward and tell
him, “I get that we don’t want to go too
slow out of fear of looking suspicious,
but we don’t want to get pulled over for
speeding either.”

We all have records. If a cop were to run
one of our names, the car would be
searched, and in the trunk they’d find
semi-automatic rifles and silencers,
threaded like screws to fit the
rifles’ barrels.

Crime isn’t exhilarating; that’s just in the
movies. It gives you an upset stomach.
Humans aren’t built to do bad things; it’s
why we have consciences.


Will Sandberg graduated from Flagler College. Go Saints! He lives in sunny Florida. He loves his wife, PC gaming, and watching sports.

Chad Parenteau is Associate Editor of Oddball Magazine.