walk with me

you are a bull,
a magician,
ripe as strawberries in open fields of Sent from my iPhone
a journal filled with enlightenment.
tucked beneath the facade
that there is a difference
between you and me.

we share the same birthday
sing the same song.

joke like brothers
laugh like sisters
reunite like lovers.

these streets are our home,
to the pavement our feet are no different,
applied pressure.

our cities supports us,
our hearts unite us,
our mind fool us.

our silence is a temporary transportation,
wrinkles in time.

I see you in me, and it teaches me
to be gentle, soft, and forgiving.

I release judgment, separation,
and isolation.

my heart is empty, open, and healing
with love and gratitude.

we have chosen this path.

I am honored,
we are companions.

we are the rainbows
earth is our home.

Dedicated to Youth on Fire, a refuge for homeless teens in
Cambridge, MA. #wehavedreams.


Tybie Mier


Tybie is an visual artist, poet, and teacher.

Tybie is a resident of RAD, the River Arts District in Asheville, North Carolina.

She creates her life as art and believes in the transformative healing empowerment of artistic expression and community.

She is a huge fan of Out of The Blue, Brother Blue & Ruth, Stone Cold Soup, and of course XO.