Poem by Trish Delaney


Unfinished Tattoo

I, the lover, still feel the splinters
of day one ecstasy deeply piercing
the pleasure rich cloth of my skin.

Hers have turned to cutting shards,
her back a ripped canvas, her back
bleeding for her mother
(the artist’s knife)

or a blood-raked palette,
consummately colour blended
with the green and blue hues of
the place she calls home -Merida.

I, the lover, still feel the splinters
of day one ecstasy like these sharp
needles that leave your exquisite scars
tattooed upon my back.


Photography © Su Red
Photography © Su Red


Trish Delaney is originally from Wexford but moved to Dublin to study English and Education after leaving school. She currently works in programmatic ad operations for an Irish advertising agency. She uses poetry as an escape from the world of maths and calculations that dominate her working day. Some of her previous work has been published in journals both here in Ireland and the UK.

Su Red is an artist of various mediums, currently residing in the NYC area. You can see more of her work here.


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