Photography © Karen A. Szklany



Leopard-stalker. A yellow stare
spotted my path. Every shadow’s
your reflection on this acidic
pavement of grinded thorns. A lean
hill with sunned daffodils
I pass, wishing I’d pass
before I’m clawed and you gulp
this secret of

your greed being why I’m wanted.


Tia Paul-Louis was raised in Florida. She began experimenting with songwriting at age 11 and later felt a deeper connection to poetry. Her themes portray family life, gender role controversies, mental health, and spiritual values. She admires the freedom of expression in most forms of art such as music, acting, and painting.

Karen A. Szklany was born in New York and now lives in a New England co-housing community. She is the author of several collections of poetry, gardening books and Unitarian Universalist sermons. Karen also serves as a Life Healing and Transformation Coach on the labyrinth path.