The Harvest of Souls

In the liturgical calendar of the Roman Catholic Church, November 1 is celebrated as All Saints Day- a day to celebrate and pray for the intercession of those who made it into heaven on the first try.

In yellow glow
of Lunar pull;
as mournful spirits pray,

With senses sharp
and conscience dull
I turn my back on day.
Tonight I dance
to harvest souls;
court demons openly,

And seek sweet bribes
from treat-filled bowls
through threat of trickery.

I partner my shadow
and follow its lead
embracing a darker side;

Waltz into places
where evil breeds
and allies of hell reside.

Finding myself
on this long night
in the company of sin,

I turn my back
on blessed light
until All Saints begins.


Thomas Romeo: I guess I’d be considered an Outsider Poet. I’ve been writing and performing my work since the mid-1990s, but have no academic background in poetry. Originally from Long Island where I was a member of the Long Island Permance Poets Association, I moved to Kingston, NY in 2014 where I self-published two Chapbooks: Remember? and Demented Love, and am currently working on a third entitled OMG. My poetry is personal, political and Spiritual.”