Poem by Thomas Romeo


When The Dust Settles

If we do nothing
But comment ironically
And watch the world burn

When the dust settles,
We all will be buried in
Dead skin and ash;

When the dust settles
It will only be because
We settled for dust.


Thomas Romeo: I guess I’d be considered an Outsider Poet. I’ve been writing and performing my work since the mid-1990s, but have no academic background in poetry. Originally from Long Island where I was a member of the Long Island Permance Poets Association, I moved to Kingston, NY in 2014 where I self-published two Chapbooks: Remember? and Demented Love, and am currently working on a third entitled OMG. My poetry is personal, political and Spiritual.”

Mary Lou Springstead is a visual artist originally from Florida, who currently resides in Middlesbrough, UK. She is a nasty woman who is inspired by mythology, psychology, social and environmental justice, Surrealism and Outsider Art.


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