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31 Tales of Octwoeber

1. Crystal shards reaching downward hanging in the haunted caverns of my mind trying to rip my soul but I stand on guard with a spirited sword ready to decapitate the devil. The fallen angel is waiting for me to slip up.

2. An American horror story man covered in a rubber suit was chasing me through my murder house. Me screaming, I stupidly set myself up to be his next victim.

3. Vicarious veiny vessels vacillated veraciously. Venomous vampire’s victims vanished.

4. Knots in my stomach tighten as your boa constrictor words squeeze really hard around my throat. Gasping for air, I try to scream as you choke out any chance of freedom.

5. The Raven knows what you did last Summer and crows repeatedly into your phone in the middle of the night when you’re all alone. Cacaw cacaw cacaw!

6. What does the raven know? The raven knows where the bodies are hidden and perches on the storm of silence waiting for you!

7. Spirit of the holy Trinity who resides in me come rescue me from these doubts doldrums of conformity and assist aligning me with my heavenly purpose. For you know my comings and goings and comfort me on my journey.

8. I always feel like somebody’s watching me. Xray vision eyes peer through walls through cut out holes in Dorian Grey faces hanging in elaborate picture frames.

9. The dragonfly innocently buzzed around me on a secret mission to get a blood meal for its progeny. I was not a fan after I became its latest victim of a bite that caused a wound with blinding effects that forced me to seek relief in a watery sanctuary.

10. That time when he said hold still eyeing each other suspiciously we were naked, combined, motionless, tidal wave approaching unbeknownst only to me due to appropriate G spot pressure- releasing a volcanic earth shattering eruption bringing confusing emotions. Afterwards he slowly withdrew knowing that it would be the last and best time.

11.Sour covered gummy bears on my tongue burned my taste buds into submission. Shoving more into my mouth looking for that original sensation I realize I can no longer detect the difference between sweet and sour.

12. Looking for ways to stay awake in the late hours bogged down with assignments, I stumbled upon a program that instructed me to stare at the visual content while eerie New Age music hummed in the background. When I tried to adjust my vision afterwards, imagine the horror when I realized I could see only blackness and my eyes were stuck open!

13. Sitting in the car eating sandwiches he looked up and started laughing and pointing to the building across the street telling me to look at that guy jumping off the roof. When I looked I saw no one.

14. The room was so thickly painted with darkness as I moved through the velvety blackness, suddenly appearing on the wall above was a sign that read do you fear death? Check the box yes or no.

15. 20,000 leagues under the sea a scary helmet is following me. Octopus tentacles wrapping around my neck choking the life out of misery

16. How do I navigate these murky waters of life when justice hands me a broken compass? Accepting the unacceptable has been force fed down our collective throats.

17. A black-and-white world collided with my creation of grey. Still trying to make peace with the pieces.

18. When the moon is full shadows bump trying to catch glimpses of werewolves howling. Teeth are sharpened on bones glistening with blood droplets relentlessly searching for their next victim.

19. Mrs. Frankenstein was having a surprise party for the Mr. He was knot kept in the noose loop.

20. In the cornfield of children eyes sprouted from ears. Run away from here!

21. He was the opposite of me-no soft and fuzzy sentiments here. Just bloodshot eyes and long black fingernails scraping off my last bit of innocence.

22. Open close open close your motor mouth needs to cease. I will duct tape explosives to your MacGyver teeth.

23. The drip drip drip of red liquid leaking from the intended hole that you air punched into me- when you raged against your inner demons is still here. Forever has been transfigured into your deranged version.

24. If the dinosaurs knew that their extinction would fossil fuel the fire of climate change would they feel vindicated? Oh the irony of humanity!

25. After 25 days of jarring my abnormal brain went splat when Igor shattered the glass on the floor. Pickled juices nevermore vibrating to the sound of the knock at my door.

26. I put a call into the universe and made my request known. Overhearing heavy breathing on the other end, the intruder disconnected the phone.

27. Sparks flew when we locked onto each other’s eyes ready to get close in the dark quiet of the night. A distant sound increasing in crescendo a chainsaw rumbling approaches.

28. Rice crispy tricks the green eyed monster children into not eating all the candy. Crispy fall leaves crunching under their feet alerts the wicked witch of their presence.

29. Orange pumpkin patch home of the scarecrow who got loose and ran away to play leaving the birds to ravage the field. Only squash rotten flesh worms yield.

30. The slither at my chamber door will come again nevermore after the shovel met its sneaky head. Thankfully it is forever more dead.

31. I would happily conclude this pandemic challenge of social distancing and mask wearing when the benefits outweigh the risks. Wash those germ infested hands.


Terri Rose Jertson is a yoga enthusiast, fledgling world traveler, wife, mother, and peer recovery specialist who moonlights as a virtual karaoke host and author. Her first solo poetry book “The Chameleon Chronicles” Words Never Spoken is available from Read or Green Books. This piece was the summation of a 31 day two sentence horror story challenge last year.