Photography © Jaime Diaz Martinez



The poor have been left to DIE
From this dreadful pandemic

The smart lady on the television screen

I had never heard that word before
In my sixty three years of living
Neither a whisper, nor even a distant echo

So why the fuss that we were DYING
I don’t know
When every minute of our living
Had been without it too


The Magic of Working Systems

‘The entire system is in place’
Someone said just yesterday

Strange; But I feel comforted hearing that;
For now I know
That my dead neighbour, his ailing wife
And their daughter running ragged from
Home to hospital and back
Working the phone ceaselessly
Begging pleading searching sifting
Through dozens of numbers, most of which don’t work
Her life savings already nearly gone
By the hospital bill presented
That being the second paper they handed her
The first; a no liability declaration form
She had signed two days ago with her father’s ink pen

Now I know
They were all served by a system that was in place
God knows how things would have turned out
If that had not been the case


Tasneem Khan is an educator and a mom with both those roles frequently blending into each other much to the horror of her 15 year old son. Born in India, she was raised and has lived in the Middle East for most of her life. She returned to India a few years ago to try out the experience of an expatriate life.

Jaime Diaz Martinez is originally from Los Angeles, California. He has been residing in Paris for over 30 years. AFter many years of seeing so many photo opportunities passing, he decided to pick up his camera from storage some years back and from that day on the camera has been held over his left shoulder ready to come across fleeting or ephemeral street scenes. For Martinez Being able to photograph Paris streets is a unique opportunity, a city with fifty shades of grey or just heaven.